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Live Zoom Presentations for Schools, Informal Educational Groups and Individuals

We remotely deliver live presentations by Zoom. They cover forensic science, forensic psychology, criminology and police procedure. They are usually between one hour and two hours in length and can be delivered to institutions and individuals in the UK and overseas.

All of the presentations are by degree-qualified, experienced forensic scientists. We aim to make the delivery accessible and engaging. They include a large number of appropriate forensic images.

They can be provided to:

  • schools and colleges for pupils from Year 4 to Year 13 for science enhancement We provide a pupil workbook by email that can be used as a follow-up to the presentation
  • schools and colleges who are delivering Level 2 and Level 3 programmes on forensic science and criminal investigation, forensic psychology, criminology and police procedure, including BTEC programmes
  • informal adult learning groups who wish to have a lively and informative presentation on forensic science
  • individuals of all ages who wish to develop or reinforce their knowledge and awareness of forensic science

The presentations relating to school programmes are strongly linked to the curricula.

One of the presentations is a Whodunit aggravated burglary investigation with three named suspects. It commences with the examination of the crime scene. There is then a range of forensic examinations including fingerprints, blood patterns, DNA, digital forensics, shoe marks, handwriting and paper chromatography. The Whodunit storyline has lots of twists and turns and finally some real surprise outcomes.

The presentations to adult groups and individuals assume no prior knowledge of forensic science.

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