The CSI Forensic Whodunit Challenge at Schools in Scotland 2022

Sci-High Forensics are delivering our exciting, authentic CSI Forensics Whodunit Workshops for schools in Scotland in November 2022. Forensics all the way from the crime scene to the courtroom – great science and loads of fun. Presented by degree-qualified professionals, the workshops have a full crime scene investigation, lots of practical and a role-play courtroom trial within a whodunit storyline with many twists and turns. The practical includes the key areas of DNA profiles, digital forensics and footwear marks. Our unique partly scripted role-play trials have humour as well as highlighting communication issues between scientists and lay people. Full day or half day workshops for up to 50 pupils, most often presented to pupils in the range P4 to S2. A free forensic science book written by Simon Shawcross of Sci-High is provided. We have a ten-year track record of very well received workshops. Safe delivery, enhanced DBS provided, and very competitive prices. For more information, please email using the form below or ring 07717 822078.

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