Professional Support Event Days for BTEC Forensic Science/Applied Science in 2018

Is your school or college delivering the forensic science element in one of the BTEC Level 3 programmes in Applied Science in 2018 – BTEC Applied Science 2010, BTEC Applied Science 2016 – or the BTEC Criminal and Forensic Investigation 2017 programme? We can strongly support the programmes by visiting your centre for an event day delivered by a professional forensic scientist and designed around the Forensic Evidence and Collection unit in the Applied Science programmes and the Forensic Investigating Procedures in Practice unit in the Criminal and Forensic Investigation programme. We bring all the resources to set up a crime scene and examine it using a professional protocol, collecting biological, chemical and physical evidence. Then there is a wide variety of forensic practical for the students to carry out. We also provide a unique student workbook and a teacher reference tailored to the specific qualification. Finally we can deliver a role-play courtroom trial to demonstrate the presentation of forensic evidence. As well as providing a broad professional perspective on the subject, we aim to make the day a lot of fun. Please see the Secondary Schools Events page on our website for more information.,, 07717 822078.