Great CSI Whodunit Forensic Events for Schools in Scotland 2018

Following our successful delivery of events in Scottish schools last year, we are delivering full-day and half-day forensic science events in parts of Scotland in 2018 between November 5 and November 14 at very competitive prices. Special CSI Whodunit Events delivered by professional forensic scientists. Who was responsible for the crime at the school? By examining the crime scene and carrying out a lot of forensic practical, step-by-step the answers are revealed with some big surprises. Fingerprints, shoe marks, blood patterns, DNA, document examination, physical fits, digital forensics and more. Then there is a dramatic role-play courtroom trial in which we find out if the evidence will produce a guilty verdict. Science, drama, role-play, teamwork, fun and laughs! The events can be tailored for any year group and are suitable for primary schools, secondary schools and independent schools. We have a proven track record in delivering exciting events with great science. For more information please email or ring.

Sci-High Science Events:;; 07717822078