Give a boost to science at your primary school – Great CSI Whodunit Forensic Events!

Do you want to give an additional boost to science at your primary school? Having an exciting CSI Whodunit Forensics Event from top provider Sci-High will do it! We deliver events specially designed for primary pupils.


Pupils solve a burglary at the school by examining the crime scene, carrying out lots of forensics practical and performing a role-play courtroom trial. Great science and loads of fun. Events can also include a presentation at an assembly.


Some pupils role-play the suspects, wearing costume, and explain, using scripts, why they are innocent of the crime. But who is not telling the truth? A crime scene examination is then carried out with pupils in full kit of white coverall suits, masks and gloves. The scientific practical that follows includes fingerprints, handwriting comparisons, chromatography and footwear marks. We provide all the resources.

Finally, there is a role-play courtroom trial in which pupils, in costume, find out whether or not the evidence is strong enough to produce a guilty verdict!


Benefits of the events are:

* they can be a cross-curricular initiative with literacy, numeracy and drama and can

form a basis for many follow-up activities

* they offer many photographic opportunities and can be used to publicise science at

your school through the press, on the school website and in newsletters

* they demonstrate innovation to parents and governors

* they provide expert CPD and support to your science leader

* they provide ideas for activities at your science club

* they demonstrate a science initiative as part of whole-school development

* we can provide free ongoing consultancy on delivering forensic science activities.


We receive excellent feedback and deliver large numbers of repeat events at primary schools we have visited. We will not frighten anybody – we will show just how powerful and exciting science is! Events are provided for all year groups and are presented by forensics professionals with excellent communication skills with pupils. Enhanced DBS and safe systems documentation can be provided. Very competitive prices. For more information please ring email or ring 07717 822078. Sci-High Science Events