Football and Cricket Science Events

  • An event on football and cricket science for up to 40 students
  • All about why the football bends and why the cricket ball swings
  • Video, practical and bowling polystyrene cricket balls to make them swing
  • Events of up to two and a half hours
  • Events tailored for Y7 to Y9
  • Lots of great physics

Sci High

Requirements from the School
We bring all the resources. We just ask the school to provide projection facilities.The events can be held in a largish classroom or a hall.ENQUIRE TODAY – Just email or call, with no obligation, telling us the name and location of your school or college, the year group of the pupils, a date or dates that are suitable for you, how many pupils you would like to attend and whether you would like a full-day event or two or more sequential events in a single day.

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