British Values: Rule of Law and Democracy Workshops for Primary Schools featuring a Courtroom Trial

We provide a half-day workshop for primary schools to support learning about British Values, the Rule of Law and Democracy. The workshops, for Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils, have a centrepiece of a role-play courtroom trial relating to a burglary at the school which includes forensic science evidence. Partly scripted, the trial has a Crown Court structure featuring a judge, barristers, jury, witnesses, accuseds, usher and police officer. Appropriate costume is worn (gowns, wigs and neckties for the barristers; full-bottomed wig and gown for the judge). The trial demonstrates the importance of the jury, sworn testimony, the burden of proof, courtroom procedure, mitigation and antecedents. When the trial is concluded, pupils consider the importance of jury trials for the rule of law and compare them with historic criminal justice procedures.

Other activities in the workshop include considerations of why laws exist, who makes them in a democracy, and how laws are dependent on values and on beliefs about rights and responsibilities. Individual liberty, mutual respect and the tolerance of those with different beliefs and faiths are discussed.

Presented by professionals with extensive experience of the criminal justice system and of primary school teaching, the workshops are fast-paced, enjoyable and memorable. They can be delivered to up to 40 pupils. A day can be arranged as two half-day events, morning and afternoon. Pricing is very competitive. For more information, please email or ring 07717 822078.

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